Friday, June 21, 2013

Cruise News Daily Headlines for June 21, 2013

* Good Things to Come with MSC Divina
When MSC Divina arrives in Miami for year round cruises in November, it will begin a new era for MSC in the Caribbean. Not only will it be the first year round service in the Caribbean, but MSC Divina will bring features and a style of cruising to the Caribbean that most people haven’t seen before.

Prior to her arrival in Miami, a couple of major new features are being installed on the ship, and there will be a couple of other major features already on the ship but new to the Caribbean.

* The Heat in the Mediterranean
Last night the Miami Heat won the NBA championship in the seventh game of the series. Thanks to satellite technology, Heat fans could watch the game virtually anywhere in the world - even aboard Carnival Sunshine while at sea in the Mediterranean. More

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