Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cunard's Queen Elizabeth Interior Design

Unless you think about it, when you’re aboard a cruise ship, it’s easy to overlook the fact that not only did someone have to design what the whole interior space was going to look like, but someone has to say “yes” to this light fixture, and “yes” to this carpet pattern instead of that one, and “these chairs, except in gold, not brown.”

That person for the most part for Cunard and Princess vessels is our friend (and CND reader) Teresa Anderson, Cunard's (and Princess') Vice President of Interior Design. It's always fascinating to walk around a ship with her, because, not only does she know every inch of it, but she'll mention details and how she came to choose these chairs or why that stairway looks like that, or that she really likes the way this corner worked out. ("For that balustrade we used the same pattern as on the original Queen Elizabeth.") Even though you only tap a fraction of her knowledge, you come away with a new appreciation for the ship and of things you never imagined had any significance.

Even though Queen Elizabeth has been sailing for awhile, Cunard released a new video about the ship’s design, and it features an interview with Teresa. In this video, you begin to get a sense of how involved she is, and why the Cunard and Princess ships have the quality they do.