Thursday, February 2, 2012

Costa Begins Process to Remove Costa Concordia Wreckage

Costa Crociere confirmed they have invited ten companies to submit plans to remove the wreckage of the Costa Concordia cruise ship.

The cruise line said they are looking for the best plan considering having the work done in the shortest amount of time, ensuring maximum safety and the least possible environmental impact.

Costa said the ten companies from which plans were solicited are the top ten in the world which have the expertise and capabilities to perform the work. The plans need to be presented by the end of March.

Meanwhile Costa has retained Smit Salvage to remove the fuel from the vessel. They have been ready to do so since last Saturday, but sea conditions have prevented the start of pumping of the fuel. Current weather forecasts indicate they now may not now be able to start removing the fuel until next week. Once they begin, it will take approximately 28 working days to complete the operation.

Yesterday, a small amount of oil was noted on the water surrounding the ship. A Smit spokesperson told CND that it is not the heavy oil used for fuel on the ship (which they will remove). It appears to be oil from other machinery on the ship.