Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Business as Usual

The e-flyer came earlier this week along with all the other press releases and ads for pills that will stimulate me and make me Superman. It promises me a four-night cruise to Cuba as low as $139, and to get me to book now, I only have to pay a $50 deposit, and I get an open bar, and up to five free offers of great things like specialty dining, wi-fi, or other good things. (This is real and on Norwegian Cruise Line, but there are asterisks all over the place.)

A year or so ago, I'd be writing this saying it looks like the program is really in trouble. Why would a cruise line be offering all these incentives unless they really needed to fill the ships?

Actually, it might be a sign of how healthy the Cuban market is.

The complete story appeared in the January 24 edition of Cruise News Daily.