Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Costa Goes Bollywood

For years cruise lines have been appealing to brides to have their wedding on a cruise ship because the staff can take care of everything and make it a hassle-free way to get married. Sometimes the happy couple does it for a romantic wedding with just the two of them, and other times a whole wedding party sails, but Costa seems to have snagged the ultimate cruise ship wedding.

Indian industrialist Rizwan Sajan, the founder and of the Danube Group, a leading building materials supplier headquartered in Dubai, has chartered the 114,500-ton Costa Fascinosa for the wedding of his son, Adel, who is a director or the company. He is marrying the charming Sana Khan who is a dentist, beauty queen, artist and writer. They will be accompanied by one thousand guests.

The complete story appeared in the April 5 edition of Cruise News Daily.