Friday, November 20, 2015

Costa Cruises Signs Milan Protocol on Sustainable Food and Nutrition

Costa is the first in the tourism industry to sign the Barilla Foundation protocol, which focuses on worldwide imbalances in nutrition and food

GENOA, Italy (Nov. 19, 2015) -- Costa Cruises is the first company in the tourism industry to sign the Milan Protocol. Promoted by the Barilla Foundation Center for Food and Nutrition, the Milan Protocol is an initiative that focuses on tackling the problem of worldwide imbalances in nutrition and food.

The initiative has three main objectives: to promote healthy food habits, reduce food waste and promote sustainable agriculture. The idea is to create a civil movement that encompasses institutions, companies and organizations -- as well as individual citizens -- that will enhance awareness and propose solutions to the global challenges related to the agriculture-food chain.

"Costa Cruises supports the Milan Protocol because we believe that its objectives match the values of our company," said Neil Palomba, president of Costa Cruises. "We want to continue to work to promote a sustainable food model onboard our ships. We believe it is possible to propose to our guests, who come from 200 different countries, an excellent gastronomic experience, based on Italian traditions, that effectively combines pleasure, health and wellness, while avoiding waste and reducing environmental impact."

"We are delighted that an important company like Costa Cruises has become a part of the Milan Protocol," said Luca Virginio, vice president of BCFN Foundation. "We hope that its support will encourage others in the tourism industry to contribute -- through noteworthy initiatives like those developed by Costa Cruises regarding the menus offered on their ships -- to fight the important battle against hunger, obesity, food waste and exploitation of the Earth."

The Milan Protocol is one of the documents that inspired the Milan Charter, the legacy of Expo Milano 2015. The Milan Protocol was created in 2013 based on an idea of the BCFN Foundation. Today, it relies on the contributions of more than 500 international experts, and more than 100 international organizations and thousands of persons have signed it and support it.

Costa Cruises' commitment to the protocol includes a reassessment of the menus and food preparation processes onboard its ships. And, to minimize environmental impact, priority will be given to fresh food and products coming from local suppliers near the ports where Costa ships call.

Source: Costa Crociere