Thursday, June 4, 2015

Carnival Corp to Launch New Brand

2pm EDT Breaking

P&O's Adonia to move to a new "social impact" brand call fathom. (Yes, it is spelled with a lower case.) The brand will launch from Miami to the Dominican Republic in April 2016.

Carnival says fathom "will offer consumers authentic, meaningful impact travel experiences to work alongside locals as they tackle community needs. What sets fathom apart is the long-term, systematic partnership approach with its partner countries paired with the unique business model that allows for sustained impact and lasting development. fathom's scale and global vision reach beyond what the world has ever seen."

The brand will be led by Tara Russell, Founder and Chairman of Create Common Good, a food production social enterprise.

"Travelers will work in partnership with proven, trusted local organizations on the ground to amplify their missions for far greater, sustained impact," Russell said. "Because fathom will bring hundreds of travelers to a destination on a regular basis, fathom can achieve focused and holistic, collaborative contributions in a broad region of the country - allowing fathom travelers to make a collective, transformative impact that they know will extend far beyond their involvement. They also will know they played an important role in ensuring the region flourishes. We are excited about making the Puerto Plata region of the Dominican Republic our first partner destination, and we are optimistic about taking all that is being built in and through fathom to other global destinations and to the broader Carnival corporate family."

The complete story will appear in today's edition of Cruise News Daily.