Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for November 5, 2014

* And Her Name is Regal
The original cast of “The Love Boat” christened Regal Princess tonight at Port Everglades. Prior to the ceremony, Princess created a fun tribute to the TV show which has been tied so closely to Princess Cruises by inviting its most frequent “passengers” to join in the celebration and recall their experiences on the show. It was like a Who’s Who of ‘70's television.
   The ceremony itself paid tribute to the 50 years of Princess Cruises. When “The Love Boat” stars pulled the lever, it released 50 bottles of champagne to break against the hull of the ship, and then the fifty-first bottle was released on the Pool Deck to break just below the godparents.
   There was just one small hitch. The bottle on the Pool Deck didn’t break, but everyone was having so much fun, it was like no one even noticed amid the rest of the celebration.
   We’ll have a full report in Thursday’s edition of CND.

* Another US Warning
The US State Depart issued another warning to US citizens in the Bahamas this week. They are again warning of the rising level of violent crime in and around Nassau.
   None of the incidents have involved cruise passengers, nor are they necessarily targeting Americans, but they are in the areas tourists frequent and have become bolder and more violent and in broad daylight.

* New Terminal Delayed
Florida Today is reporting that Port Canaveral’s new cruise terminal will be delayed in opening by a month due to construction delays.
   The new Terminal 1 is now scheduled to open on December 27.

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