Monday, August 25, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for August 25, 2014

* Take Your Smart Phone - Leave it Turned On
Royal Caribbean had a press conference today to promote all the technology that will be aboard Quantum of the Seas when it debuts in a couple of months. There's nothing that’s going to advance us significantly into the future - at least not the individual cruiser - but there are things that are going to make life easier and make things more fun. There are also things that are going move the process of operating a cruise ship ahead and make cruising greener, however.
   If this was an award show today, the award for best supporting players would be a tie, going to O3b for their advanced internet capabilities that will be available on Quantum, and the ship's own intranet upon which so many conveniences will relay.
   The big story, from the passenger’s standpoint, seems to be the connectivity and the conveniences it will bring with it.

* Another Day, Another Murder in Nassau
Online media in the Bahamas are reporting the Prime Minister’s Press Secretary, Latore Mackey, was shot and killed this morning as he was driving in the White Road area off Market Street in Nassau. It’s unknown if he was targeted or the victim of a stay bullet.
   Murders have become commonplace in Nassau, and often in the tourist areas.
   We have to again wonder when the cruise lines are going to start protecting their passengers by suspending calls at Nassau until the crime rate is lowered.
   The calls need to be suspended before a passenger is the victim of a murder.

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