Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for January 15, 2014

* Price Matching Just Like Walmart
Everybody “knows” that you can always buy your shore excursion for less than the cruise line sells it for. Carnival Cruise Lines is out to change that thinking with the industry’s first Best Prince Guarantee on shore excursions.

* Costa Deliziosa Rescues Eight

* Meanwhile, A Decade Later
Have you been missing something? Probably not. Our readers are on the internet where Princess has continued to advertise heavily, so you may not have noticed, but Princess Cruises hasn’t been advertising on television for ten years. (With “Friends” ending in 2004, who would watch television anymore?)
   But that’s going to change tomorrow. A new Princess advertising campaign is going to hit the airwaves, and just about everywhere else too (including your computer), and it will be hard to miss.
   You can see a sample below.