Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Norwegian Getaway Getting Ready to Leave Home

Updated times November 1, 10:30am

Last week CND reported to subscribers that Meyer Werft would float out Norwegian Getaway from their covered building dock on Saturday (November 2, 2013 at approximately 3:30pm local time - 10:30am eastern time in the US). The date and time, of course, are always tentative subject to the weather cooperating. The event will be webcast on the Meyer Werft website on Saturday.

Meyer will schedule Norwegian Getaway's transit of the Ems River to the North Sea at a later date. It is tentatively planned for mid-November.

In this photo taken yesterday, Norwegian Getaway is shown nearly complete and being readied for its float out. You'll note the funnel is still to be attached after the float out.

Once in the lagoon after the float out, tests will be carried out for several hours before docking at the finishing dock. Then within a couple of days the Norwegian crew will arrive and move aboard the ship.

Photo courtesy of Meyer Werft. All rights reserved.