Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Princess Cancels Caribbean Princess Voyage

Update below
Propulsion problems with Caribbean Princess’ port propulsion motor have caused Princess to cancel the current sailing and return the ship to San Juan.

Caribbean Princess departed St. Maarten this evening, and arrival in San Juan is planned for mid-day on Wednesday.

Princess says the ship is fit to sail, and hotel operations are not affected. It just cannot sail at normal cruising speeds.

Repairs will begin when the ship reaches San Juan on Wednesday. Passengers are invited to remain aboard the ship until Sunday if they wish, when they can take their previously-scheduled flights home.

Princess will issue the passengers full refunds and a future cruise certificate.

Princess says they will contact passengers on the March 18 sailing as soon as it is know how the repairs will impact that voyage (if at all).

Update: March 14, 2011 - 9pm EST
Princess reports that the ship arrived in San Juan today as planned, and repair work has already begun. As work progresses, they will have an update on when it will be completed and how it will impact the March 18 cruise (if at all).