Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Port Everglades' Secret Weapon

If someone tells you that their cruise leaves from "Florida," these days more often than not they will really be sailing from Port Everglades. The Broward County port at Ft. Lauderdale is on track to become the world's largest cruise port any day now. Each year, for many years in a row, they not only break their volume record from the year before, but there are at least a couple dates in the season where they either break their all-time record for number of passengers handled in one day or they flirt with the record.

Passengers are really happy with the port. It's easily accessible from the airport and from highways. Parking is convenient, and there are even offsite options. The terminals are modern and filled with passenger conveniences. Even more important, the cruise lines are all happy working with the port, and they show it by bringing more and more ships there.

How is it that Port Everglades keeps everyone so happy? It's because they have a secret weapon no other port has.

The complete article appeared in the October 27, 2010, edition of Cruise News Daily.