Monday, October 19, 2009

Cruise prices too good to pass up - even for the unemployed

When even the unemployed go on cruises, it's a sign that not only are the prices down, but the value is just irresistible.

WFTV reports that George and Cindy Anthony were spotted returning from a cruise aboard Monarch of the Seas this morning at Port Canaveral. Their daughter, Casey, is in jail facing first degree murder charges of their toddler granddaughter, Caylee, in a highly-publicized case in Orlando which has drawn nationwide attention.

In a deposition in case released last week, George Anthony said the couple has been unable to work for the last year due to all the publicity surrounding their family, and finances are tight. WFTV reports that the Anthonys netted $17,000 for an interview which aired on CBS Saturday night. (The station says they were paid a $20,000, but they gave $3,000 of it to their attorney for negotiating the deal.)

In the raw video report the Anthonys didn't want to speak to the news media, but Mrs. Anthony can be heard saying they took the cruise to get away from the news media, but their presence at the pier had ruined the cruise for them.

The Anthonys sailed on 3-night cruise Royal Caribbean's Monarch of the Seas, where rates as low as $179 per person are currently being offered. As we mentioned, the current cruise rates are irresistible and apparently caused Anthonys to join the Nation of Why Not, even though they have been unemployed for a year.