Friday, May 15, 2009

Someone may be looking for YOU

Cruise bulletin boards often have postings from people who have lost a camera while on a cruise. Usually the person has called the cruise line and filed a report, and they are just sure someone stole it and cannot believe they someone would take something especially since it had all their vacation memories on it.

Many of these cameras probably weren't stolen, but rather lost somewhere different that the person remembers it being the last place they had it. The number of unclaimed cameras in cruise lines' lost and found departments attest to that. (If those people realized they had lost them on the ship, they would have contacted the cruise line.)

There is an interesting article on KOMO news. A woman lost a camera in Seattle while on a cruise, but it's really more about the camera being found. But the story is much more interesting than just that; it's about the finder's search for the owner. It's not really about cruising, but it's worth reading.