Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fuel Finally Being Removed from Sea Diamond Wreck

The Greek merchant navy ministry reports that more than two years after the sinking of Louis Cruises' Sea Diamond at Santorini, the remaining 113 tons of fuel aboard are now being pumped out.

The local government of Santorini has wanted the fuel removed since the sinking fearing the ship may break apart and the fuel will wash up on the island's shoreline, creating a major environmental problem for the island. The ship is resting upside-down on the ledge of an extinct volcano almost 500 feet under the surface of the water.

This may also open the way for the vessel finally being salvaged. It has not been so far both due to depth of the wreck and fears that the salvage attempt could dislodge it from its precarious perch on the side of the volcano and it could slide farther down the slope, breaking open in the process and releasing the fuel.

Sea Diamond sank in April 2007 after striking a reef.