Tuesday, June 4, 2019

US Shuts Door on Cruises to Cuba

If you have been thinking about cruising to Cuba, but haven't done it by now, you probably won't be able to do it for the foreseeable future. Back in April, the Treasury Department began to close the door when they announced the new policy, but the cruise industry continued to operate until they were given more specifics about the restrictions and when they would take effect.

In an announcement today, the rules remained ambiguous, but it was clear, the end was coming as the press release specifically singled out cruise travel (among other types of non-family-visiting travel) was no longer allowed, nor was “group people-to-people travel” under which most cruise passengers qualified for their visas.

The press release said the new rules become effective tomorrow (June 5). And this afternoon Royal Caribbean became the first to begin canceling calls in Cuba.

The complete story appeared in the June 4 edition of Cruise News Daily.