Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Go to Court. Go Directly to Court. Do Not Pass Go.

Last month we told you that federal prosecutors were accusing Carnival Corp of violating their probation in a 2017 case in which Carnival pleaded guilty to violating environmental laws and discharging oily waste into the sea. Carnival paid a record $40 million fine in that case and was put on probation for five years. Last month, prosecutors charged that Carnival had been violating the terms of that probation essentially from the first day.

Judge Patricia Seitz made it clear she was unhappy with the situation and made it clear that she was disposed to punishing Carnival Corp severely at next month's hearing. One of the things she proposed is prohibiting Carnival brands from using US ports for a period of time.

Since then, Carnival Corp has retained new Miami-based attorney, David Markus, and last week prosecutors announced they had reached an agreement with Carnival and it will be presented for Judge Seitz' approval at a June 3 hearing.

Details appeared in the May 28 edition of Cruise News Daily.