Monday, March 25, 2019

Viking Sky Loses Power in Rough Seas

Tragedy was averted on Saturday when Viking Ocean Cruises' Viking Sky sailed into a powerful storm off Norway's west coast and then lost power. The ship was traveling from Tromso to Stavanger at the time of the incident which occurred about 2pm local time when the ship was off the coast of Molde.

As can be seen in news footage, the ship was being tossed about badly, and passengers feared the ship would capsize. Video from inside the ship showed passengers sitting in life vests as water washed across the floor in some parts of the ship. Surprisingly, there is a lengthy piece of video that shows large pieces of furniture sliding back and forth across the room as passengers dodge it and ceiling panels fall as the ship is obviously rolling to a great degree. It's unexplained why the large furniture wasn't secured.

The complete story appeared in the March 25 issue of Cruise News Daily.