Friday, December 14, 2018


A roller coast has long been rumored to be a feature we could expect to see on a cruise ship, and Carnival Cruise Line has finally decided to be the first ones to do it. The line said they are adding “the ultimate sea coaster” to the top deck of Carnival Mardi Gras when it debuts in 2020.

BOLT will be the place to get your adrenaline rush because it can cruise along 187 feet above the sea, making hairpin turns with twists - and turns - and drops - at speeds up to 40 miles per hour along nearly 800 feet of track. Some will wish it's less, while others will want to ride again.

The complete story appeared in the December 14 edition of Cruise News Daily. 

Video courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line. All rights reserved. May not be copied or used without express permission.