Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Future Is Here, Almost

This was a day for celebrating on Caribbean Princess and at Princess Headquarters in California, even Carnival's corporate headquarters in Miami. Ocean Medallion is working for every passenger on Caribbean Princess. Yea! Yea!

Ocean Medallion, of course, is the Carnival innovation that, by carrying a quarter-size electronic ID, enables all sorts of electronic conveniences for passengers such as staff members magically knowing who you are and processing charges without swiping your cruise card, keyless stateroom access, the ability to play casino games anywhere onboard, and your friends can find you wherever you are onboard - to name just a few. It allows the staff (and the ship) to give you a much more personalized experience. And don't forget Medallion Net, the super-fast internet connection with gobs of bandwidth available everywhere on the ship.

Details appeared in the September 27 edition of Cruise News Daily.