Friday, September 1, 2017

Still Delicious after All These Years

You loved it in the '60's. Then came the Disco era, and you still loved it. Then NCL (that was before they discovered they were Norwegian) brought the first teppanyaki table aboard a ship, and those dozen seats were the most coveted spots on the ship. Trying to satisfy passenger demand, with each new ship they expanded the number of teppanyaki tables until today when Norwegian Cruise Line has whole rooms full of people huddled around hot steel tables just waiting for one of a dozen or more chefs to flip them a sizzling little shrimp.

So whaddya know? Carnival has decided just maybe their customers would enjoy teppanyaki, so the line is going to put two tables on Carnival Horizon which will debut in April.

The complete story appeared in the September 1 edition of Cruise News Daily.