Friday, June 23, 2017

Oprah Readies the Adventure of Your Life

It's less than a month until Oprah and Gayle head out on their most excellent adventure of their first cruise to Alaska. They will be taking along a whole boatload of their friends aboard Holland America's Eurodam (for a price, of course). Among those friends will be some better friends of Oprah's who are wealthier and brighter than the rest (because they get to go for free), and they will be telling the other friends how to have better lives (but not as good as Oprah's, of course).

Oprah's magazine, O, has just finalized the list of Oprah's friends who will be going (for free) and letting everyone in on the secret of how to live better or telling everyone what it's like to work for O behind the scenes.

The complete story appeared in the June 23 edition of Cruise News Daily.