Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Carnival Liberty Troubles Grow

Passengers boarded Carnival Liberty last night after dinner, after being kept waiting all day in Galveston. The ship was arriving about twelve hours late due to “technical issues” that had it sailing way below its normal cruising speed. Along the way they were told a port was going to be dropped from their cruise, but they were getting a nice compensation package. All would be well though, because they would wake up Tuesday morning to a leisurely sea day, and they next day they would have the full day in Cozumel.

When they woke up this morning and pulled back the curtains to go out on their balcony and await their breakfast being delivered, instead of the wide-open sea, they saw the Galveston port around them. They also found a letter telling them to enjoy a leisurely breakfast and then get off the ship, nicely worded, of course. Carnival Liberty wasn't going anywhere today.

Details appeared in the November 1 edition of Cruise News Daily.