Monday, September 26, 2016

High Visibility

Celebrity Cruises has a message, and to make sure it gets seen, they are putting and ad for it in the most visible place they could think of - in tonight's US presidential debate. Networks estimate more than 100 million people will tune into the debate.

Of course, sometimes this strategy works and sometimes it doesn't. Just because a zillion people (slightly more than 100 million) tune it doesn't mean they will watch the commercials during the limited number of breaks. They could be so glad to see a break they immediately leave the room to do other things. Still, out of an audience that size, only a small percentage of them watching is still a large audience.

What is this message? It's the first part of their new global campaign entitled “Sail Beyond Borders,” which carries the message that “the world is better without walls.” Of course the idea is that you visit these “Far Away” (the title of the first ad) places on Celebrity Cruises.

Details appear in the September 26 edition of Cruise News Daily.

Video courtesy of Celebrity Cruises. All rights reserved.