Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Star Wars Comes to Disney Dream

Artist's rendering of Millennium Falcon aboard Disney Dream
It hardly seems possible, but Disney Dream is already four years old, and this fall when it goes into dry dock (October 4-24) it will be refit it will be time for some major new features to be added.

One that would excite lots of adults, will only be available to the kids aged 3-12 because it will be a major addition to the Oceaneer Club. The new area, called Star Wars: Millennium Falcon, lets the kids play on the bridge of the spacecraft from the legendary movie series. They will join the battle for good by assisting with the navigation of the powerful spacecraft, and can pilot the spaceship through hyperspace and trigger lightspeed jumps to different locations around the galaxy.

The complete story appeared in the April 22 edition of Cruise News Daily.

Image courtesy of Disney Cruise Line. All rights reserved. May not be copied or used without permission.