Thursday, January 22, 2015

Carnival Details Features aboard Carnival Vista

Carnival Cruise Line showed off Carnival Vista this afternoon at a media event in New York, and in a breath of fresh air, they returned to the days of unleashing the entire product instead of letting features dribble out one by one in an endless series of live webcasts or press releases.

Carnival has apparently realized the public loses interest fast. They collected all their hype and let it explode today.

There’s good news and ok news. (No bad news, unless you were expecting to have your socks knocked off by everything about Carnival Vista.)

There are lots of good features. We can say that with confidence because Carnival has used many of them on other ships, and they’ve evolved them for Carnival Vista. Almost all the ones that aren’t coming from Carnival ships, however, are coming from some other cruise line’s ships.

The complete article appeared in the January 22 edition of Cruise News Daily.