Monday, December 29, 2014

It's All Coming Together in Pasadena

Things are coming together on Princess Cruises' float for Thursday's Rose Parade.

Here you see Julie Benson, Princess' VP of Public Relations, being interviewed by one of the local TV stations about why Princess in participating in this year's parade. (The theme of the parade is "Inspiring Stories" and that's right up Princess' block. It's also their 50th anniversary, so they are pulling out all the stops and the original cast of "The Love Boat" will even be riding aboard the float.) Look behind her and you'll see a section of the 60-foot-long float. Note the Bell Tower from Pisa at the left behind the camera and the dolphins at the right by the ship's bow.

The next two photos are construction details that the builder takes for records. We always hear how the floats must have every inch covered in seeds or plants. Those of us who have never actually been to a Rose Parade never have the opportunity to see how this actually happens. The first photo is a closeup of the Bell Tower from Pisa. Below is some of the detail on the dolphin near the ship's bow.

Photos courtesy of the Phoenix Decorating Company. All rights reserved. May not be copied or used without permission.