Monday, August 11, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for August 11, 2014

* The Dilemma in Alabama
There’s a dilemma in Mobile, Alabama. They still want a cruise ship to home port there. They have this new, slightly used terminal, but currently no cruise ship, and no imminent prospects to get one. They are also building a new highway bridge (for I-10) across the Mobile River, and any cruise ships that come to Mobile will have to go under it to get to the cruise terminal.
   Their dilemma is if they should they build it high enough to accommodate the ship they don’t have anymore. Or should they pay more to build it even higher to accommodate bigger ships they don’t have either? And if they go the second route, how much higher should it be to accommodate other ships that have shown no interest in coming to Mobile?

* Passenger Overboard from Grandeur of the Seas
A 68-year-old American man quietly went overboard from Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas last Wednesday night as the ship traveled from Bermuda to Baltimore.

* Passenger Drowns aboard Sapphire Princess
A 29-year-old Chinese woman drowned in one of Sapphire Princess’ swimming pools last Thursday during a short cruise from Shanghai.

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