Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for May 28, 2014

* The Kitchen Drawer
Almost everyone has a drawer in their kitchen that is the collecting place for all those things which have no other home - a couple of tools you want to keep handy, the odd kitchen utensils that don’t fit into the compartments in the silverware drawer, glue, batteries, odd screws and that key that for some reason stopped working are among the other important things that are just what you need, when the need arises. If you open the draw and just browse through, you’ll make unexpected and exciting finds. It’s always interesting.
   The same is true at Princess Cruises. Each year when they announce the next year’s itineraries, they come out area by area, and then there are a lot of programs that don’t fit into the categories with everything else. They are to such far-flung destinations, and some only have a few sailings a year, Princess created their own category for them - “Exotics.” Like the kitchen drawer, if you start looking through it you will find something fascinating, and maybe something that you just can’t live without.

* Other Things You’ll Want to Know
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