Friday, January 10, 2014

Costa Concordia As It Looks Today

On the eve of the second anniversary of the sinking of Costa Concordia, the salvagers held a press conference this morning in Rome to discuss the progress that is being made toward removing the ship next summer from Giglio Island.

In addition to the video and photos below, other background information was distributed:
The Removal Project
Status of Operations
Port of Destination
Economic Impact

One of the most interesting parts of the presentation was the updated look at the ship since it has been righted.

The most fascinating views came from video which was shot remotely by drones as they flew around the outside of the vessel.

Costa Concordia's port side. Eleven sponsons are attached, but under the waterline.
Costa Concordia's port side looking forward. Note the crane that has been built in the center of the ship.
Costa Concordia's starboard side looking aft. Note the damage where the ship was resting on this side.
The crane was built in the center of the ship to assist with attaching the sponsons to the sides of the ship.

A workforce of up to 500 people has been working around the clock on the ship since the day after Costa Concordia sank.
Rendering of Costa Concordia when sponsons have been attached to both sides and it is ready to be refloated.

The complete article appeared in the January 10 edition of Cruise News Daily.

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