Friday, November 15, 2013

Norwegian Getaway Departs Meyer Werft

Norwegian Getaway departed Meyer Werft in Papenburg early this morning (November 15, 2015) at about 1am (local time) amidst cold and fog, causing the ship to quickly become invisible. The fog persisted through its entire river conveyance, sometimes making it impossible to see the ship from the shore.

Norwegian Getaway being readied for departure from Meyer Werft

Norwegian Getaway passing the dam at Meyer Werft taking the ship into the river.

Norwegian Getaway leaves Papenburg and disappears into the fog
Norwegian Getaway at Weener. The heavy fog like this obscured the ship through its complete river conveyance.
When the sun rose, the visibility did not increase.
Norwegian Getaway nearing Emden Friday afternoon in the fog.

Photos copyright Michael Wessells and Meyer Werft. May not be copied or used without permission.