Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cruise News Daily Headlines for September 4, 2013

* A Fond Farewell
Seabourn is one of the few cruise lines that understands some customers, besides building a loyalty to the lines, also build an attachment to specific ships. With that in mind they have created a special farewell season for Seabourn Pride that will give longtime customers a chance to sail the ship once more and experience some special events from the past while saying farewell.

Seabourn has designated the 15 voyages from November 11 through the final sailing on March 30, 2014 as Seabourn Pride’s “Farewell Season.”

* Child Molester Prevented from Going on Cruise - Sorta
Police at Detroit Metro airport stopped a convicted sex offender and his wife from boarding a flight to Europe to go on a cruise last Wednesday. The 61-year-old man was convicted of groping a fifth grade girl in the grade school class he taught in 2003 and 2004. In a plea bargain, 15 additional counts against him were dropped, but eleven girls subsequently sued him, and each case was settled out of court.

But being a convicted sex offender and on the sex offender registry isn’t what kept him away from the kids on the European cruise.

* Report to the President’s Office
When Costa Voyager captain, Giovanni Cosini, got a message to report to the president’s office, he didn’t go to Costa’s corporate headquarters in Genoa. This time he headed to Tirana, Albania.

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