Saturday, August 3, 2013

Statendam Assists Disabled Sightseeing Vessel in Glacier Bay

Holland America's Statendam came to the assistance of 103 people aboard a disabled sightseeing vessel in Alaska's Glacier Bay on Friday (August 2, 2013).

Hundreds of passengers lined the rails of Holland America's Statendam in Glacier Bay on Friday to watch the crew bring aboard passengers from the disabled Barnoff Wind.

Statendam responded to a call for aid from the 79-foot sightseeing vessel Baranof Wind as the cruise ship was leaving Margerie Glacier about 1:45pm. Baranof Wind was experiencing mechanical troubles and had lost power in the ice near John Hopkins Glacier and asked Statendam to stand by.

The cruise ship's crew lowered two tenders which maneuvered to Baranof Wind and picked up 102
tourists and one Glacier Bay National Park ranger.
Statendam's Captain Jochem Bakker directed the operation from the bridge, while hundreds of Statendam's passengers lined the rails watching the operation. A Glacier Bay National Park ranger aboard Statendam assisted in coordinating the assistance from the ship’s bridge.

While Statendam stands by, passengers from Baranof Wind board one of the cruise ship's tenders in Glacier Bay.

About 7:30pm, Statendam dropped off its extra passengers at Bartlett Cove, where their sightseeing excursion originated aboard Baranof Wind earlier in the day. Statendam then departed Glacier Bay for Seward where the cruise will end on Sunday.

Photos courtesy of Holland America Line