Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Costa Concordia Like You Haven't Seen It

This video was shot by a company called Team BlackSheep. They sell high-end drones for hobbyists (but much, much lower end than military versions). These are small four-propeller remote-controlled helicopters with cameras called Quadrocopters, costing about $1,600.

To promote their business they shoot videos with spectacular views of the world’s great cities or famous landmarks from the unusual close-up perspective of the drones.

Their latest sends a drone over and around (but not into) the wreck of Costa Concordia. It also meanders around some of the equipment readying the wreck for salvage. The video is definitely worth a look because it yields some spectacular sunset views of the ship and Giglio Island.

If you have a drone, and are planning to go to Italy, don’t plan to duplicate the flight. It apparently got Team BlackSheep in trouble with the Italian police, because Costa Concordia is off limits to everyone except the salvage crew.