Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Carnival Triumph Breaks Moorings

Last update April 3, 7:48pm

During high winds in Mobile this afternoon, Carnival Triumph broke its moorings at the BAE shipyard and drifted across the river, coming to rest against a cargo vessel. Tugboats and the US Coast Guard were called to the scene. The ship has now been secured, and tugboats remain alongside Carnival Triumph as a precaution.

A gash can be seen open on the ship's starboard aft side near near the stern well above the water line. Carnival says damage to the ship is limited.

Some outlets were originally reporting that two crew members had fallen into the water during the incident. Carnival says all Triumph crew members and contractors working aboard the ship have been accounted for. It is now understood that two shipyard employees unrelated to Carnival Triumph were blown into the water during the high winds. One was quickly recovered, but crews are still searching for the other one.

Details will appear in the April 3 edition of Cruise News Daily.