Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Your Car May Be Busy While You're on Vacation

WFTV in Orlando carried a story about a long-term parking lot near Port Canaveral where rumors said customers believed their cars had been driving while they were gone. WFTV set up a sting where they left a car, tracked it with a GPS device, and followed the man by helicopter driving it down backroads, during a night on the town, and doing errands. It allegedly was the owner of the lot, who denied it even though the station had video of what appeared to be him driving the car with the top down.

ABC News has picked up the video report and featured it on several of their newscasts:

Once you see the video, the raw video from WFTS becomes even more interesting. They have the raw video of the car being driven, but even more interesting is the long form raw video of the lot owner being confronted.