Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meyer Werft Floats Out AIDAmar

Early Sunday morning (April 1, 2012), Meyer Werft floated out AIDA's next ship, AIDAmar. The speeded-up process can be seen in this time-lapse video provided by AIDA.

Some of our readers who couldn't make the trip to Papenburg got up in the middle of the night (in the US) to take in the operation on Meyer Werft's webcam. The photo below is an example of what they saw on the Meyer website.

When AIDAmar was towed into this area, viewers got a bit of a preview of AIDA's next vessel. Prior to towing AIDAmar out of the building dock, an unfinished section of AIDAstella had to be moved out of the way. It can be seen here just off AIDAmar's stern. It will become part of the bow of the new ship (You can match it up with the shape of AIDAmar.) It was later towed back into the dry dock. AIDAstella will be delivered in about a year.

AIDAmar's conveyance down the Ems River is planned for April 13, weather permitting. It will be christened in Hamburg on May 12.