Friday, February 17, 2012

Pregnant Woman Wasn't Even on Costa Concordia

Last week, it was reported by media worldwide that the death toll in the Costa Concordia accident increased by one, when an Italian woman and her husband filed suit against Costa Crociere in relation to a miscarriage the woman suffered two weeks after evacuating the ship.

Costa Crociere today confirmed that neither the woman nor her husband were on Costa Concordia on January 13.

The couple and their attorney have appeared on several television shows in Italy, and one show, “Striscia la Notizia," investigated their claims and found that not only weren't they aboard the ship, they were also using false identities.

The woman claimed to be five months pregnant at the time of the accident and claimed she miscarried two weeks after the accident due to the psychological stress of the evacuation and her lifeboat subsequently smashing against rocks as it headed to shore. They filed suit against Costa for 1 million euros.

This is the second case of someone who wasn't on the ship trying to sue the line.

Costa said today they were filing legal action against the couple and would take similar action against anyone else trying to perpetrate similar scams or profiteer in the wake of the Costa Concordia incident.