Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Carnival Splendor Update - the tow has begun

Carnival Cruise Lines has changed their plans for Carnival Splendor. The tow has now begun, but instead of Ensenada, the plan it now to tow the ship to San Diego to make for a faster and easier route home for the passengers.

One tug has reached the ship and begun the tow. As other tug boats reach the ship and assist, they will expedite the process. The plan is now for Carnival Splendor to reach San Diego late on Thursday. Carnival has already booked hotels there for the passengers, and is confirming onward flights for them based on the Thursday arrival time.

If they can't maintain speed, Carnival says they can revert to the plan to tow the ship to Ensenada and bus the passengers back to Southern California.

Carnival says passengers are able to move about the ship. Limited food and beverage service, along with some shipboard programming, including children’s activities and entertainment, are being provided.

Engineers are continuing to work trying to restore power to other hotel services.

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