Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Will Le France Sail Again?

A French firm is trying to get an updated version of the SS France built, and they have released a new concept video.

The new ship will feature everything French, and be relatively small by today's standards. If it ends up being built, it will have the following features:

* Modern design combining finesse of lines and open space.
* 260m long, approximately 550 passengers : far from the race to make ships of behemoth proportions, the new France is a large ship but limited to provide comfort and well-being.
* A long hull will receive two chimney-shaped super-structures in honor of the old France : each will house spacious living areas, restaurants and salons dedicated to well-being and relaxation.
* Between these two chimneys, a tropical palm-tree garden will spread over 1 500 square meters, as if a cruise on the France were an island vacation.
* Endowed with the latest technology available, the France will also be a "green" ship, will consume less energy and the shape of her berth will allow precise control of the energy used for navigation.
* The bow of the ship was designed to re-create proximity between passengers and the sea : the decks stack to end in a large beach where nautical activities can be practiced.
* A cruise program of new and original destinations.

The project's website is located at http://www.reconstruirelefrance.com/en