Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Sizable" Donations

Cruise lines have high standards aboard their ships, so things get replaced often - some things more often than others. So cruise lines routinely give away slightly worn things from their ships - a couple hundred mattresses to a homeless shelter, a hundred televisions to a charity who will distribute them to low income families. Holland America even came up with an innovative program for giving partially used toiletries left behind by passengers to homeless shelters, filling one of their greatest ongoing needs. To the recipients, these are like gold.

As happy as they make people, to cruise lines, those are routine donations. Holland America, however, right now is giving away an item from their ships that is far from
routine. It doesn't get replaced that often, and is quite a "sizable" and even "used" is quite valuable. And it's very welcomed by the schools which receive them.

This month, Holland America has given away three grand pianos to South Florida schools, and that brings to ten the number of pianos HAL has given to schools since the first of this year.

Details appeared in an article in the May 25, 2010, edition of Cruise News Daily.