Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dr No

This is another case of a cruise passenger who declined to purchase travel insurance and then needed it. The story comes from WPTV in West Palm Beach about a family sailing aboard Carnival Valor which stopped at Grand Cayman. Briefly, the woman had a medical procedure on her heart before going on the cruise which involved a small incision, and it began to bleed. Apparently her doctor told her just to put a bandage on it, and it was nothing to worry about. That's when the ship's doctor got involved and sent them to a hospital on Grand Cayman. He apparently didn't want to set out on an overnight leg of the trip to Roatan (where shoreside medical assistance may be less sophisticated) with the possibility of further complications arising with her heart. The hospital on Grand Cayman wouldn't release the woman in time for the ship to sail, and Carnival wouldn't let her back on the ship without a release from the hospital. The family had to fly home on their own.

Granted, this is probably one for the lawyers to settle, but the out-of-pocket expense could have been avoided if she would have purchased a comprehensive travel insurance policy.

Details are in the WPTV text story or video below.