Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Alaskan Picture Becomes Clearer

Tuesday's announcement by Carnival Corp that they intend to decrease capacity in Alaska in 2010 wasn't specific about which brands and how many ships, but Carnival chairman Micky Arison said the impact would be felt in Alaska.

Holland America has confirmed to CND that they will move one of their ships out of Vancouver where has operated on 7-day one way trips between Vancouver and Alaska. Instead they will move it to Seattle where it will operate a new 14-day round trip program from there. While it will still be going to Alaska, it will essentially only carry half the number of people. That translates into about 11,000 fewer passengers over the course of the summer.

Princess had already confirmed to CND that they would remove one ship from the Gulf of Alaska route and deploy it elsewhere. That represents 29% of their capacity in the Gulf, or 16% of their overall Alaska capacity.

Arison indicated that their land operations (tours and hotels) would also be scaled back. Neither company could yet provide data to CND on how many fewer employees they would have in Alaska in 2010.

Last ppdated 530pm EDT March 27, 2009