Sunday, June 8, 2008

From the Dominos Eat Your Heart Out Department

Another world record for Costa Cruises. This one has nothing to do with maritime matters, however. This one got a little attention for a company in a market where they aren't quite as well known as in many other parts of the world, but more important, the object of the world record went to feed Sydney's homeless.

It took 826 freshly-cooked pizzas, laid out on tables stretching more than 725 feet down the length of Norton Street in Leichhardt, known as Sydney’s "Little Italy," to break the record for the world's longest line of pizzas. It took 25 chefs, more than 1100 pounds of flour, 66 gallons of tomato sauce and 661 pounds of mozzarella cheese to accomplish the task.

And just how did they arrive at the number of pizzas to line up? Costa Classica which is now based in Asia, a prime cruise market for Australians, is 725 feet long, or 826 pizzas in length, apparently an Italian unit of measurement.

As soon as the world record was verified, the pizzas were collected by OzHarvest, for delivery to local charities to feed the homeless and disadvantaged. Costa also made a cash donation of A$10 for every meter (221) of pizza to another local charity fund.