Thursday, November 15, 2007

From the more Windjammer trouble department:

Windjammer Cruises has canceled three more weeks worth of cruises. Worse yet, Windjammer is being very hazy about when those people will get refunds. We understand there are also still lots of people waiting for refunds from canceled sailings even farther back. Windjammer is now also even unwilling to refund any charges for changing air fare for those who were on the canceled cruises.

In preparing today's edition of Cruise News Daily, we spoke with Sandi Copes of the Attorney General's office in Florida. She told CND that they have been contacted by 34 people regarding Windjammer. That doesn't necessarily mean 34 official complaints have been filed with them, but it is at least one step in the process. Depending on their circumstance, the individuals may go on to file full complaints.

She said that right now their office is conducting an internal review of the situation. She said that is a preliminary step to deciding whether or not to take some action against Windjammer.

Copes encouraged all consumers having a problem with Windjammer (even if they are not in Florida) to either call the Attorney General's office or register the information on their website. She said that helps them see if there is a trend, and it assists their office in deciding a course of action.

They'd like to hear from anyone who feels Windjammer hasn't dealt with them fairly, including people who have not been refunded money for canceled cruises, people who have had to resort to getting a chargeback on their credit cards, and people who are owed money for air fare to meet up with canceled cruises (especially those who may have gotten to the port before they found out the cruise was canceled).

Inside Florida, the number to call is 866-966-7226.
Outside Florida, the number is 850-414-3990.
The Attorney General also has an online complaint form.