Sunday, August 12, 2007

From the too close for comfort part 2 department:

Last update 10:54pm
Another cruise ship had its security zone violated today. This time it wasn't a submarine but rather a 15-to-18-foot metal boat that held three men and a woman, but it had its own ominous overtones.

The boat was seen near the front of Carnival Pride about 11:30am while it was docked at Long Beach today. The ship's command reported the incursion to the Coast Guard, but the boat departed before law enforcement arrived on the scene. The search for the boat and its occupants is continuing.

The metal boat was well within Carnival Pride's 100-yard security zone and was pulling an inflatable orange boat. Witnesses saw one of the occupants dive into the water near the pier and later the person was seen climbing back into metal boat.

Divers spent more than three hours checking Carnival Pride's hull and the surrounding area but found nothing suspicious. Carnival Pride departed Long Beach at 6pm this evening.